We are here to change the air. The way it smells, and the way it spells. aer has been a bit of a quirky, cool rebel in our family of brands. And its popularity is growing by leaps and bounds. What’s the secret? Its awesome design? While it does look stunning and smells amazing, there’s a lot more ‘sense’ in its design. For starters, did you know that aer click comes with a simple button to switch it on and off? And aer twist makes itself at home in the cup-holder of a car? (By the way, it also ensures that you don’t need to top it up frequently like fuel – it lasts for more than 60 days!). aer is simple, intuitive, cool and works well; that's what makes it quite an irresistible switch.

Brand Aer Spray
Variant Lush Green
Size (gm/ml) 300 ml
Pkg Pcs 24
Net Wt. Kgs 4.08 kgs
Gross Wt. Kgs 7.2 kgs
Carton Size (L*B*H) (cms) 34.8 X 23.3 X 26.4
Qty 20’ 1250
Available in India