Godrej Expert is a brand for the young at heart. India’s largest selling hair colour, it is used today by over 40 million happy users. Expert’s quick, beautiful and ammonia-free hair colours make the complex chore of hair colouring, both fun and easy. And that has led to hair colouring garnering much mass appeal. At Expert, we are constantly innovating, with a focus on offering our consumers the best possible benefits – a rich crème hair colour in pre-measured sachets, a powder hair colour that turns into a gel, conditioners and non-drip formulations or a herbal hair colour fortified with henna and amla, all at unbelievably democratised prices. Recalibrating consumer expectations with each new innovation gives us a high and keeps us on our toes.

Godrej Expert Rich Creme

  • With hair so healthy, your beauty just shines through
  • Our crème comes in pre-measured sachets.
  • Our crème doesn't contain ammonia
  • We have everything in the perfect proportion

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