People hate malaria, dengue and irritating mosquito bites, especially when it comes to their children. That’s where Good knight steps in, with simple, innovative, intuitive ways of keeping mosquitoes away. We are the highest selling mosquito repellent brand in India, and we don’t stop at just repelling mosquitoes, which is of course, our job. At Good knight, we are also constantly looking for ways to become better at what we call ‘protecting happy moments’. Fast Card (a little sheet of paper, for just a rupee, that you can burn and instantly get rid of mosquitoes), Xpress (a liquid vapouriser that attacks mosquitoes three times faster than others) and Low Smoke Coil (which reduces irritating smoke) are some of our breakthrough innovations that were born of this approach. Good knight is as much an urban brand, as a rural solution. We are innovating and looking for ways to leverage both new technology and the non-electrics platform to expand our reach of homes across India.

Good knight Coil

  • Meet the Low Smoke Coil better known as 'Dhuan Kam Asar Zyaada'
  • 80% less smoke than regular coil.

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Good knight Mat Heater

  • The Good knight Mats come in two variants - Silver Power & Gel Mats

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Good knight Liquid Heater

  • Wide Range of refills and machines
  • Silver wick for consistent release
  • Available in: Machines+30 Night Starter Pack, Machine+ 45 N Pack, 30N refill, 45N Refill 60N refill

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Dual mode heater

  • Electric (vaporizer)
  • Only machine to work in two modes: Normal Mode and Active Mode
  • - Normal Mode to tackle regular mosquito problem
  • - Activ+ Mode to tackle severe mosquito infestation
  • Available in Combi Pack (Dual Mode Heater + 45N Refill), 45N Refill

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Good knight Fast Card

  • 3 Min. Instant Action
  • The innovative Fast Card is easy on your
  • Pocket as it’s conveniently-priced

It doesn’t use any electricity so you get a mosquito-free zone every time you burn a Fast Card

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Good knight Advanced Express System

Now ensure a free mosquito zone in your house with GoodKnight Advanced Xpress System, with poly fiber wick and xpress system that gives relief from mosquitoes in just 9 minutes. The two switch modes enables you to pick the intensity, allowing you to keep a mosquito free area.

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